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New Members Welcome

If you have an amazing voice, or just enjoy singing, make sure it’s heard. We are looking for SATB singers who love singing and can sing in tune. Ability to read music helpful but not critical.

Complete and submit the details below and we will get back to you confirming the timing of the next rehearsal and come along. There is no audition requirement but you obviously need to feel comfortable with your ability to fit in.


There is a membership fee to cover music, venue, staff costs etc. but come and experience the first month for free. We are always on the lookout for new members who want to be part of an incredible chorus of voices and revolutionize the choir world. Get in touch today.


Thanks for submitting!

 Annual membership for 2022 

3 terms $100 (term starts 1st February)   

2 terms $75 (term starts 7th June)   

1 term $45 (term starts 4th October)   

Plus an admin and copy fee of $30