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We create music not only for ourselves, but more importantly to share with others. Browse through the following selection of reviews covering everything from insights on the evolution of our musicality, to ratings of our latest work and recent performances.


I am delighted to hear that you are carrying on. The chance to sing in this wonderful group over many years has been such a blessing in my life. Long may you continue to offer this opportunity to be uplifted and to uplift through singing xx

Wonderful concert yesterday! Although your numbers might be smaller, the sound you all gave out was great! Superb harmonies and your musical director/conductor had great control over the choir and the shading of each piece. After an exhausting few weeks with Theatre Club and Dad's Army it was so good to sit there and let the music flow over me and just enjoy! Thank you! Oh, and thank you for a lovely afternoon tea! 

Gorgeous. Wish the wonderful sound of beautiful singing came thru FB as well! 

Wonderful concert!

The first concert last weekend was an AMAZING experience! Thanks for Iain and Mark for all their hard work in teaching us and inspiring us to perform to our very best!

Your lovely voice is perfect for this work and it was a privilege to listen to you all singing so beautifully

This was a lovely concert; very well managed. Great singing!

It was a great performance. Perfect mix of somber and inspiration.

Fantastic and very moving performance. Thank you for the effort all of you put in to such a great work. well done.

What a great lot of men! Love the ladies uniforms. Very smart.


We both performed our own choice of music which ranged in different styles and tempos then we also collaborated with them in a few numbers. The band seemed to really enjoy themselves and get a sense of progress as we have started to put the band's name out there by doing little concerts like this one.
Great Accomplishment guys!!! 2019


Our newest member said he joined us because of an article he read- Feeling stressed? Join a choir, says top psychiatrist.

Great rehearsal with good numbers. An exciting programme so do come and join us.

We are so lucky to be able to make great music in South Auckland with an enthusiastic bunch of keen singers.