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Update about the choir from 16 December 2020

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

This is a brief letter to update you on the Special General Meeting that was held yesterday evening. The meeting was well attended. Pat provided a run down of the Societies founding and history before moving on to the huge difficulties faced by the committee in managing their way through the Covid year which had left each member exhausted and with the view that there was no sustainable future for the society, hence the proposal to wind it up and then step down as a committee.

Many who were present at the meeting were very keen to find ways to avoid the ending of a fine choral tradition in Papakura. Cutting a long story short a new committee was elected by the meeting with myself as President and other members –

· Peter O’Brien

· Mariette Sprenger

· Lisa Maritz

· Maggie Quinlan

The meeting applauded the tireless work of the outgoing committee in a vote of appreciation.

Our immediate priority is to manage an effective and efficient handover of responsibilities and knowledge and plan the path ahead, rebuilding the choir to pre-lockdown numbers and encouraging further growth.

If you are a current singer, or have sung with us in the past, we hope that you might join us when we recommence rehearsals on Tuesday 2 February.

In the meantime on behalf of SACS could I wish you a very happy Christmas.

With all best wishes,

David Quinlan

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