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Dear Choir Member Enthusiasts,

With the pandemic still underway, some community choirs and the brass band have begun to dip their toes back in the water with in-person rehearsals and performances. We are less than 2 months away from our concert, and the committee is encouraging all members to start in-person rehearsals again and practice as a group all the techniques Denzel has been going through prior to and during zoom meetings.

Covid has taken 2 years of our lives, causing social isolation of the thing we enjoy the most… MUSIC-MAKING AND SINGING. The committee’s goal is to bring back some normality while improving our well-being.

You’ll be aware that there have been a few announcements from the government regarding the ongoing covid-response and some changes to the response framework. We have been keeping a close eye on this and specifically on the response from the government and New Zealand Choral Federation. We’ll be making a few changes to our Omicron response framework in keeping with regional guidance and the new guidance from the government. Please see below the COVID-19 process we will be following in accordance with the government, New Zealand Choral Federation, and Crossroads Methodist Church.

We are hoping to return to practice in person on 5 April 2022. Please get in touch with Margaret and Faye if you have any concerns.

What does the ‘traffic light’ system mean for SAC’s choir rehearsals or concerts?

Choral activities fall under the Events and gatherings guidelines. The rules for events and gatherings are basically similar, but government advice states:

Events entail the use of tickets, registration, or another kind of access control. They might take place in either a business or private setting. [Concerts are events]

Gatherings may be open to the public without the need for tickets or registration. Gatherings can take the form of recreational, social, or cultural events, community club activities, faith-based gatherings, funerals or tangihanga, and weddings (as well as gatherings at someone's house). [Rehearsals are gatherings]


  • Face coverings are necessary for concerts (public events and gatherings) and are strongly recommended for rehearsals. Outdoors, face masks are no longer necessary.

  • If vaccine passes are required for rehearsals and concerts, the maximum number of individuals allowed indoors is 200, depending on a one-metre physical separation. There are no longer any restrictions outside.

  • If vaccine passes are not mandatory, meetings are limited to a maximum of 25 individuals (e.g., rehearsals). Events (concerts) are not possible.

  • From 4 April, vaccine passes will be required for all activities and gatherings.


  • Face coverings are encouraged as an extra precaution at rehearsals. For concerts, choirs may perform unmasked, but we strongly recommend that audiences remain masked.

  • If vaccine passes are mandated for rehearsals and concerts, there are no limits on attendees.

  • If vaccine passes are not mandated for rehearsals, there is a limit of 50 individuals, indoors and outdoors, based on 1-metre physical distancing. Events (concerts) cannot go ahead.

  • From 4 April, no vaccine passes will no longer be required for events and gatherings.


  • Face coverings are encouraged

  • There are no restrictions on gatherings if vaccination permits are required for rehearsals and concerts.

  • If vaccination permits are not mandated for rehearsals and concerts, a maximum of 100 individuals can be accommodated indoors and outdoors, depending on a one-metre physical distance.

  • From 4 April, vaccine passes will no longer be required for events and gatherings.

Happy Singing.

Kind Regards

South Auckland Choral Committee

Adapted from the COVID-19 government website and New Zealand Choral Federation COVID-19 framework.

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